Helping families find treatment and recovery resources

About Me

Beth Cunningham

My own personal and professional experience in the treatment/ recovery world has led me to help families find treatment and recovery recommendations, guidance through the process, and continued support along the way. I graduated from Loyola University in Chicago with a Bachelor of Science in Education before moving to Austin. I am a certified Recovery Coach and an active member of
Al-Anon. I have been married for over thirty years to my husband, Kelly Cunningham, and we have been blessed with four children. In 2013, I was instrumental in starting a nonprofit for struggling teens with substance abuse/addiction. As a founding board member and Director of Development, I spent many hours building community relationships, fundraising, and marketing. I am an active and passionate advocate helping families with issues related to substance abuse. Through my own personal struggles with a child in recovery, I have learned how to navigate the challenges of the treatment world, and the many recovery options available.



Recommendations for services based on information provided.

Inpatient Treatment, Outpatient Treatment, Interventionist, Recovery/Support Coach, Transport, Sober Living Option, Therapist, Psychiatrist, and Legal Counsel.


Guiding the family through the treatment process and step down recovery services.

Helping select treatment plan, Negotiating treatment costs, Questions to ask treatment programs, Seeking support services after treatment.


Provide ongoing open support and communication during and after the treatment process.

All communication with treatment facilities and families during treatment. In person communication as needed to discuss process and progress of loved one seeking treatment.


  • “Beth was truly a lifeline when my husband and I discovered our son was struggling with drug addiction 2 years ago. Beth was a knowledgeable, compassionate guide for us when we started down this road. I truly believe it is because of Beth that our son has been sober for 2 years tomorrow. She helped us find the help for him that he needed when he needed it. Beth was so trustworthy and she understood what we were going through because she had been there before; her compassion was palpable. He was able to start college in August and made up for a lost semester in high school. Thank you so much Beth!”
  • “Beth has not only provided tremendous assistance in selecting an appropriate Recovery Facility for our son, but has  continued to offer us support and advice, which at times proved to be difficult, but has proven to be absolutely correct and appropriate. We would encourage anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation, to reach out to Beth for and for advice and guidance, not only her professional expertise and experience, but for her personal understanding and desire to help obtain a successful outcome and provide a comforting voice during a time of feeling overwhelmed. She is truly a blessing to those who find themselves overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn next to obtain professional help, to assist individuals (and loved ones) dealing with selection of Addiction Recovery Programs and Facilities.”
    Dan & Kathy
  • When our family found ourselves suddenly in the rough seas of addiction, we were weathering a storm unlike any other. Terrified and unsure of where to turn, we were so lucky to find Beth Cunningham. She’s experienced, calming, and yet doesn’t sugar coat what addiction brings. Beth was our anchor who held us down in many ways. We never would’ve survived without her guidance.
    Jessica and Steve 
  • “Beth offers a unique and incredibly valuable service for families desperate to help their children. Especially in crisis, it can be very difficult to navigate all of the options and resources; Beth does a great deal of the vetting on behalf of families, and her experience and expertise can help parents avoid wasting precious resources on programs that aren't the right fit for their child. We felt that Beth truly listened to the unique needs and struggles of our son and worked really hard to find resources and professionals that would be most beneficial and cost-effective. We're still on our journey of recovery, but we're feeling hopeful and more confident about the path that we're on and the help that we have on board. We are extremely grateful to Beth and her compassionate and thoughtful guidance.”
  • “Our son has been struggling with substance abuse for over 5 years. He has been to multiple recovery centers without success. It was when we finally met Beth that we got true guidance on what to do with our son. Her professional knowledge and guidance led us to the right treatment center. Beth understands that every case is unique and she knows how to navigate the system in order to find the right tools needed to treat moth the individual and the family. Beth was a God send. We will never forget you and all you have done for us.”
    Carlos & Lourdes G.
  • Beth was extremely helpful to me during a significant downturn in my life. She provided wisdom, guidance, and options to help me navigate a “scary” time. I would not hesitate to reach out to her again. I would highly recommend her if you need support in any way. I have gained more clarity and hope because of Beth, which I am forever grateful.
    Kim W.